Remanufactured Transmissions - Industrial Driveline, All Brands, Material Handling, Construction, Agricultural.


Remanufactured Transmissions - Industrial Driveline, All Brands, Material Handling, Construction, Agricultural.


We help you extend the life of your equipment. Our remanufacturing expertise for industrial transmissions can get your equipment back in service, fast. Give us a call now.


We stock many popular models for immediate shipping. Or, you can send us your transmission and we will have it back to you, like new, faster than you could do it yourself.


Why buy from Joseph Industries?


We often hear the terms "Remanufactured" and "Rebuilt" used synonymously. Remanufactured transmissions will give better performance and last longer than rebuilt transmissions because they receive a true overhaul to "like new" condition. 


REMANUFACTURING is a process by which the assemblies are serviced to "like new" condition. The whole unit is completely disassembled down to its main parts or noble components (cases, gears, shafts, etc.). Wear parts are discarded at this time. Noble components are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and reconditioned or replaced if necessary. The unit is then reassembled using all new wear items such as bearings, clutches, separator plates, springs, thrust washers, gaskets and seals, etc. The product is then fully inspected and tested. Pressure and temperature results are recorded on the test tag which accompanies the product. This process yields the "like new" performance most customers expect.


Remanufacturing is the process Joseph Industries uses!


REBUILDING is a process of repairing or "fixing" an assembly to make it serviceable or "useable" again. In this process, the item is NOT restored to "like new" condition. Wear parts such as bearings, thrust washers, springs, friction plates, separator plates may get reused again if they are "OK" or within service limits. Only the worn-out parts get replaced in this method of repair and usually only the minimum needed to make it work again. This type of product is hardly what most customers expect!

Remanufactured Transmissions  

  • Material Handling

  • Construction

  • Agricultural

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