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- Management of your  

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- Failure analysis and 

  engineering services to

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The Joseph Difference

Joseph Industries takes pride in helping you extend the life of your material handling, construction and agricultural  equipment! Over 60 years of remanufacturing expertise means that we can help you get your equipment back in service fast! We stock many popular industrial torque converters, transmissions, engines and overhaul kits for immediate shipment. If we do not stock the item you need, you can send us your unit on a remanufacture and return basis and we will have it back to you, like new.


Our industrial products are remanufactured to exacting standards to provide superior performance. 

Environmentally friendly? Inexperience? Money?

If you’re reading this while at work, “green” could mean all of the above.  Did you know that you can add Joseph Industries to the list as well?  For over 60 years, our remanufactured industrial transmissions, engines, torque converters and associated remanufacturing services, as well as our transmission overhaul kits, engine overhaul kits and individual parts have been environmentally friendly in regards to the manufacturing energy they’ve saved and the amount of landfill waste they’ve reduced.  These products and services, coupled with the technical expertise we provide, will erase any inexperience you may have with unfamiliar brands and types of material handling, light construction and agricultural equipment.  Finally, our offerings will save you a lot of money.   When industry wants to go “green”, they go Joseph!

We realize that going “green” doesn’t end at work.  For those of you who want to continue a “green” lifestyle at home, we would like to offer the following tips: 

Tip #1: Drive Less Often

A daily car commute of 20 miles round trip can add up to more than $2,000 per year, with no parking fees included. Replacing even one or two car trips a week will trim your fuel bill, but driving smarter can also help. Combine multiple errands into one trip, frequent nearby stores and try to group your family's appointments and/or destinations together. Map out the most efficient route before leaving and try to avoid busier traffic times and areas.  If you work in an office, inquire about any carpooling initiatives.  You can also check your city’s website for relevant routes and also ask for free (or deeply discounted) bus, train or subway passes.  Better yet, equip a bike to carry daily necessities and ride to the office, as well as the grocery store, post office or other appointments.  Sure, you can't fit as much on a bike as in a car, but an added bonus is the healthier lifestyle that you’ll achieve!

Tip #2: Reduce Electrical Consumption

Taking a few minutes to turn off or unplug electrical devices can help you save a few dollars off your electric bill each month. At home, go ahead and turn off the lights when leaving an unoccupied room.  Take an extra few seconds to shut down your computer and printer when not in use instead of letting them idle with the power on.  Although annoying, making a morning routine of unplugging TV’s, VCR’s, radios, fans, etc. before leaving for work can also help you save.  You'll get used to doing it in no time flat once it becomes a routine.

When you're looking to buy new major appliances, go for energy efficient models with the fewest frills you can accept (an icemaker requires more power than you think!). Check out Energy Star and other efficiency ratings for new purchases.  If you already own an appliance, remember to clean filters, insulate water heaters and do other simple maintenance to maximize energy savings.

Tip #3: Change Your Lighting

If the term “fluorescent bulb” makes you think of old industrial lighting with long glass tubes that buzz and hum, then you need to think again.  Today’s compact fluorescent light bulbs are nothing like that and they can save you $30.00 in energy costs over the life of each bulb.  You need to look for ones with higher lumens (not watts) for brighter light.  You should also check them for a color rendering index (CRI) over 80, or descriptive words like "warmer light" to get closer to an incandescence lighting atmosphere.

Tip #4: Use Less Water

Did you know that in the average home, the water heater can be second only to the heating system in energy usage? To use less energy, turn the water heater down to 120°. Wash full loads of laundry in cool water. If you need to use hot water, try to rinse in cold. In the bathroom, take water saving quick showers in lieu of baths.  Install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators.  Turn the water off when you're shaving or brushing your teeth.  If you have to let the water run until it heats up, be prepared to catch the unheated water and use it to water your plants.  In the kitchen, remember that you don't need to scald every dish or utensil to get them clean and don't forget to turn the water off while you're scrubbing!  As far as your method of heating water, investigate using a solar powered heating system or an on-demand type hot water heater.  Both can save you on energy costs.

Tip #5: Choose More Products With Less Packaging

Think of the many layers that can surround a product.  It can be put in a pouch for cleanliness, which is then placed in a clear sleeve for visibility, which is then surrounded by a box for protection and then the whole thing is placed in a bag for easy portability.  This may be necessary for porcelain dolls, but for a container of breath mints, it can be infuriating as well as a waste of time, money and resources.  With so many similar products crowding store shelves, try choosing the ones that incorporate less packaging.  You'll generally find that companies who give careful thought to packaging waste are usually environmentally friendly on other levels as well.  If you don’t have time to compare items, you can buy product refills only.  Another great idea is to bring a canvas tote to transport  items home.  If you order meals for takeout, consider eating in.  This could cut down usage on disposable plates, utensils, napkins, condiments and packaging.

Tip #6: Buy Local And Organic Foods

Did you know that the strawberries you had in your cereal this morning may have traveled thousands of miles to get to your bowl? Buying locally grown produce, whether it's from a  produce stand or a conscientious supermarket, can conserve fuel, reduce pollution and support your local economy.  An added plus is that produce grown nearby doesn't require preservatives or special preparation to keep it fresh and spending the extra money on organic produce will not only keep you from potentially ingesting toxic pesticides, but it's good for the environment. Support organic farming and you'll be helping to protect water from pollutants, cut down on soil erosion and conserve the energy and expense it takes to produce fertilizers and pesticides.

Tip #7: Plant Trees

There are few things that offer the instant gratification you’ll receive when you plant trees. You get exercise, immediate visual gratification and some serious self-satisfaction. Your trees will convert nasty pollutants to pure oxygen and offer a welcome refuge for wildlife.  It’s also widely known that trees absorb carbon dioxide, which helps reduce global warming, and that tree roots can help prevent soil erosion.  Depending on what kind of trees you choose, and where you plant them, the shade can potentially cool your home as well as offer a perfect spot for meditation or recreation. Trees become sentimental and charming when planted for a child as a living growth chart or in memory of a loved one 

Tip #8: Recycle More

Careful shopping and a little creativity can keep your trash pile from growing. Look for and choose products that utilize recycled packaging, such as bottles, cans, paper products and cereal boxes made from recyclable materials that are better the second time around.

Take used car batteries, antifreeze, and motor oil back to participating return or drop-off sites.  Return plastic bags to the grocery store. Give old cell phones, eye glasses and cars to your favorite charities. Compost your leftovers and keep your lawn well fed by letting fresh grass clippings lie.

Tip #9: Switch to "Green" Power

In many states, you can choose to purchase renewable energy from your local power company.  To find out if your local utility has a green power source, check the Green Power Network on-line.        

Tip #10: Spread the Word!

To react to and participate in an environmentally friendly world, become knowledgeable and share what you learn!

Joseph Industries has over 60 years of engine, transmission and torque converter remanufacturing excellence for:
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment


Our offerings include the following applications:

  • Backhoes

  • Bulldozers

  • Cranes

  • Forklifts

  • Graders

  • Light Towers

  • Loaders

  • Mining Personnel Carriers

  • Mobile Drills

  • Off Road Haulers

  • Telehandlers

  • Tractors

  • Rough Terrain Forklifts

  • Skidders

  • Skidsteers

  • And more!


Joseph Tech Tip:

Along with checking the oil and coolant levels, prior to starting a newly installed engine, it’s a good idea to verify that you have  the correct spark plug wire to spark plug connections necessary to provide proper firing order!




Product Spotlight!

We can provide master cylinders, power steering cylinders, wheel bearing kits, king pin kits, pumps, axle housings, tie rod ends, brake pads, brake band assemblies, brake drum assemblies and stabilizer pads for many Case Backhoe applications.





Industrial Genuine Parts

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We have provided product for the following brands:

Kalmar Allis Chalmers / Tusk
Allis Chalmers Industrial Engines
Baldwin Lima
Borg-Warner Industrial Transmissions
Borg-Warner Marine Transmissions
Buffalo Springfield
Carraro Industrial Transmissions & Axles
Case Industrial Engines
Case IH
Caterpillar Industrial Engines
Chrysler Industrial Engines
Clark Hurth Industrial Transmissions
Continental Industrial Engines
Coventry Climax
Cummins Industrial Engines
Daewoo / Doosan
Dana Spicer Industrial Transmissions
David Brown Industrial Engines
Detroit Diesel Industrial Engines
Deutz Industrial Engines
Eagle Pitcher
Eimco Mine Equipment
Fiat Allis
Fiat Industrial Engines
Ford Industrial Engines
Funk Industrial Transmissions
GM Industrial Engines

Grove Crane
Hatz Industrial Engines
Hercules Industrial Engines
Hoist Liftruck
Home O Nize
Hughes Keenan
Hyster Construction
Ingersoll Rand
International Harvester
International Industrial Engines
Isuzu Industrial Engines
ITL Industrial Transmissions
John Deere
John Deere Industrial Engines
Joy Mine Equipment
Kalmar-Allis Chalmers
King Lift
Komatsu Industrial Engines
Kubota Industrial Engines
Lancer Boss
Lansing Bagnall
Life Products
Link Belt
Lion Liftall
Long Airdox
Massey Ferguson
Mazda Industrial Engines
Minneapolis Moline
Minneapolis Moline Industrial Engines
Mitsubishi Caterpillar
Mitsubishi Industrial Engines
Mobile Drill
Nissan Industrial Engines
Oliver Farm Equipment
Oliver Industrial Engines
P&H Crane
Perkins Industrial Engines
Peugeot Industrial Engines
Royal Tractor
Shuttle Lift
Silent Hoist
Tampo Roller
Toyota Industrial Engines
Twin Disc
United Tractor
Waukesha Industrial Engines
White Farm Equipment
White Engines

The Name You Can Trust

For over 60 years, Joseph Industries has been a leading worldwide supplier of driveline products for material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.

We stock many popular brands of complete remanufactured engines, transmissions, torque converters, and a wide variety of replacement parts for brakes, suspension, steering and other applications.

We are a trusted supplier to Case New Holland, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, Clark Material Handling, Hyster, Yale, Nissan Forklift and TCM (just to name a few) and have engineered and incorporated many transmission factory updates and changeovers over the years that were deemed necessary by these same original equipment manufacturers.

We offer you the same industrial transmission overhaul kits and torque converters that we use in our own remanufacturing process and we have the widest selection of overhaul kits in our industry.

All manufacturer’s names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the manufacturer.  All pricing subject to change without notice, core charge may apply. Copyright, 2008, Joseph Industries, Inc.