Announcing new, lower prices for our popular remanufacture and return (R&R) service for transmissions!

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Save money, buy direct


Reasonable and fair warranty policies with liberal labor allowances


Ready-to-Ship reman components for popular models


Repair and Return service of your components


Largest selection of overhaul kits


Reduce your freight expense using our carrier discounts


Expert technical support


We track your core credits so you don't lose them


Centralized billing for your multiple locations


Management of your reman program through your dealers


Failure analysis and engineering services to original equipment manufacturers




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Debunkifying the myth...

Rebuilt is NOT Remanufactured!

In the industrial driveline industry, you will often hear the terms "Rebuilt" and "Remanufactured" used synonymously.

We would like to make it perfectly clear that rebuilding and remanufacturing are two distinctively different processes which should never be confused.

Rebuilding is a process of repairing or "fixing" an assembly to make it serviceable or "useable" again. In this process, the item is not restored to "like new" condition. Wear parts such as bearings, thrust washers, springs, friction plates and separator plates may get reused again if they are "OK" or just within service limits. Only the worn-out parts get replaced in this method of repair and usually only the minimum needed to make it work again.  This type of product is hardly what most customers expect!

Remanufacturing is a process by which assemblies are renewed to "like new" condition. In this process, the whole assembly is completely disassembled down to its main parts or noble components as they are called. The wear parts are discarded at this time. The noble components are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and reconditioned. The unit is then reassembled using all new wear items such as bearings, clutches, separator plates, springs, thrust washers, gaskets and seals, etc. The item is then fully inspected and tested.  This process yields the "like new" performance most customers expect from remanufactured products.

With that said, Joseph Industries has drastically reduced our prices on hard to find transmission core remanufacturing!

When you send your transmission core to Joseph Industries we will provide quality remanufacturing, as described above, at a lower cost than buying it off the shelf. As an added bonus, we will also pass our hard earned freight discounts on to you. The extra money you save can be used to increase your profits, cover additional expenses or help persuade your customer to award the job to you! 

Don't monkey around with the rest, buy from the best.

Remanufacture & Return Benefits

Save up to an additional 10% compared to an off-the-shelf purchase.

Concerned about freight expense? We can save you money on freight as well by sharing with you our high volume shipping discounts.

Proper component fit and function is assured since you’ll get your original unit back and every automatic transmission is fully hot run tested to OEM specs before it is returned to you.

Remanufactured transmissions carry a 6 month / 1,000 hour limited warranty with liberal labor allowances that limits your shop liability exposure.

Because we remanufacture numerous brands of transmissions every day, you can be assured that our procedures and processes are tailored to meet the specifications of each OEM brand instead of being general for all.

No up-front core charges to pay, thus no waiting for core credits or “hard part replacement or repair charge backs” that may be hard to collect once a work order is closed and the unit has been delivered back to your customer.       

Remanufacture & Return Process

Our process starts when we provide an up-front transmission R&R quote (less any hard parts) with associated inbound and outbound freight for ease of quoting your customer the cost of sending the unit in for inspection and final quoting. If you decide to send the transmission in, you will be issued an RA number that allows us to track your core through our system.

Once we receive your core we will provide, free of charge, a complete tear down and inspection that will include a list of any additional hard parts or repairs, with pricing, that may be necessary in addition to the original transmission and freight quote. You always have the option of providing these “extra” parts if desired. If, after inspection, you decide against proceeding with the R&R, your only obligation at this point is the freight in and the freight back out.   

If a noble component is repairable, we’ll give you the option of repair or replacement. Our worldwide sourcing capabilities ensure that you’ll always pay less for replacement parts, but our full machine shop capabilities allow us to repair some parts at a fraction of new part costs.

A final quote including transmission R&R costs, freight costs, timeframe adjustments and an itemized list of hard part charges that we are supplying (core deductions) is provided so that you can quote your customer a firm price prior to the work proceeding beyond tear down and inspection.        

The Name You Can Trust

For over 60 years, Joseph Industries has been a leading worldwide supplier of driveline products for material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.

We stock many popular brands of complete remanufactured engines, transmissions, torque converters, and a wide variety of replacement parts for brakes, suspension, steering and other applications.

We are a trusted supplier to Case New Holland, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, Clark Material Handling, Hyster, Yale, Nissan Forklift and TCM (just to name a few) and have engineered and incorporated many transmission factory updates and changeovers over the years that were deemed necessary by these same original equipment manufacturers.

We offer you the same industrial transmission overhaul kits and torque converters that we use in our own remanufacturing process and we have the widest selection of overhaul kits in our industry.