Let Joseph Industries show you the difference between "industrial duty" and "automotive duty" torque converters.

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The differences between “automotive” and “industrial” torque converters

You recognize Joseph Industries as a trusted supplier of top quality remanufactured, aftermarket and original equipment parts for Agricultural, Construction and Material Handling equipment. But did you know that we are also the largest remanufacturer of industrial torque converters in North America? By “industrial”, we mean torque converters that range from typical automotive converters that were incorporated into an industrial vehicle to highly specialized units designed for specific industrial applications. 

You may assume that the industrial torque converter market is just like the automotive torque converter market and that anyone can rebuild a torque converter. We want to explain how the industrial torque converter is used in a different environment and requires some understanding of the “industrial” rating. 

If you look at an automotive application, you may find a 5 year old vehicle with 75,000 miles needing it’s first rebuild.  Odds are, this is the only rebuild this vehicle will see before it goes to the scrap yard. Automotive rated torque converters use non-industrial rated parts and are built for a lighter duty life than an industrial converter. An industrial application is quite different. If you consider a forklift working in a 24 hour operation such as a manufacturing plant or trucking terminal, the forklift might see as much as 16 hours of use per day. Based on normal operating conditions, the average forklift engine operates at an average of 2,000 to 2,500 RPM’s. By design, transmission and axle ratios are kept very low. These low ratios allow the engine to quickly reach and maintain its ideal power curve while keeping overall vehicle speeds low.  In other words, the engine is constantly operating in a state of acceleration and deceleration. If a forklift  engine operates at an average of 2,500 RPM’s, it is equivalent to an automobile traveling at 55 MPH. Based on a 16 hours of operation per day and a 6 day work week, the forklift would be in use for 5,000 hours per year and it would travel the equivalent of 275,000 miles. The above example is for reference only and actual equipment use could vary greatly.

Now that we have established the differences between “automotive” and “industrial” torque converters, we want to explain our industrial remanufacturing process so it can be compared to other rebuilding processes.

At Joseph Industries, each welded torque converter is cut open, chemically cleaned, and inspected for internal damage. Critical wear items such as hubs, bearings, sprag clutches and thrust washers are always discarded and replaced with industrial rated parts to restore units to their proper internal clearances. Pilots, drive lugs and thrust surfaces are renewed to their original specifications. Converters are then welded together using state of the art automated equipment to insure weld integrity and unit concentricity. Once assembled, converters are tested for leaks. Each converter is then computer balanced to within 5 grams or less and dial indicated to verify that run out is maintained within OEM specifications. Finally, converters are electrostatically painted with a high quality industrial enamel to inhibit rust and corrosion. The finished assembly is then packaged in a specially reinforced heavy-duty carton to protect it during shipping. All Joseph Industries remanufactured torque converters carry a 6 month/1000 hour limited warranty.

The alternative to our industrial torque converter remanufacturing process would be a rebuilt torque converter that is not brought back to OEM specifications due to a lack of proper tooling, procedures and industrial rated replacement parts. Some rebuilds consist only of cutting, cleaning and reassembling the torque converter reusing the old worn out parts or even worse, it consists of only a "flush job".

So remember…not all torque converters or torque converter remanufacturers are alike.

Make Joseph Industries your Industrial Torque Converter Remanufacturer!

Joseph Industries has Remanufactured Industrial Torque Converters for:
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment

Our offerings include the following applications:

  • Lift Trucks

  • Telehandlers

  • Loader/Backhoes

  • Dozers

Covering most brands such as:

Allis Chalmers
Borg Warner
Clark Hurth / Dana Spicer
David Brown
Ingersoll Rand
John Deere
Kalmar - Allis Chalmers
Lancer Boss
Lansing Bagnall
Lion Liftall
Massey Ferguson
Minneapolis Moline
White Lift truck


...and others not listed here!

The Joseph Difference

Joseph Industries takes pride in helping you extend the life of your material handling, construction and agricultural  equipment! Over 60 years of remanufacturing expertise means that we can help you get your equipment back in service fast! We stock many popular industrial torque converters for immediate shipment. If we do not stock the converter you need, you can send us your converter on a remanufacture and return basis and we will have it back to you, like new, usually within two business days.

Our industrial torque converters are remanufactured to exacting standards to provide superior performance.

Joseph Industries Remanufactured Torque Converters carry a 6 month / 1,000 hour limited warranty.

Joseph Tech Tip:

Many torque converters can be identified using manufacturer stampings that are located on the bottom (engine side) of the converter.  Always remove the drive plate and clean the surface of the converter so that the number and/or letter stampings can be viewed and noted.

The Name You Can Trust

For over 60 years, Joseph Industries has been a leading worldwide supplier of driveline products for material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.

We stock many popular brands of complete remanufactured engines, transmissions, torque converters, and a wide variety of replacement parts for brakes, suspension, steering and other applications.

We are a trusted supplier to Case New Holland, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, Clark Material Handling, Hyster, Yale, Nissan Forklift and TCM (just to name a few) and have engineered and incorporated many transmission factory updates and changeovers over the years that were deemed necessary by these same original equipment manufacturers.

We offer you the same industrial transmission overhaul kits and torque converters that we use in our own remanufacturing process and we have the widest selection of overhaul kits in our industry.