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Your Advantages with Joseph:


- Save money, buy direct


- Reasonable and fair

  warranty policies with  

  liberal labor allowances


- Ready-to-Ship reman   

  components for popular  



- Repair and Return

  service of your



- Largest selection of  

  overhaul kits


- Reduce your freight 

  expense using our carrier



- Expert technical support


- We track your core

 credits so you don't lose  



- Centralized billing for your

  multiple locations


- Management of your  

  reman program through

  your dealers


- Failure analysis and 

  engineering services to

  original equipment




The Joseph Difference

Joseph Industries takes pride in helping you extend the life of your material handling, construction and agricultural  equipment! Over 60 years of remanufacturing expertise means that we can help you get your equipment back in service fast! We stock many popular industrial torque converters, transmissions, engines and overhaul kits for immediate shipment. If we do not stock the item you need, you can send us your unit on a remanufacture and return basis and we will have it back to you, like new.


Our industrial products are remanufactured to exacting standards to provide superior performance. 

You owe it to yourself to change your perception of R&R!


The term R&R normally stands for “rest & relaxation”.   At Joseph Industries, R&R stands for “remanufacture and return”. For over 60 years, we have given our customers a little “rest & relaxation” by providing them with quality “R&R” of their transmissions. To add a little more “relaxation”, we now provide an unsurpassed 12 month, unlimited hour, liberal labor allowance warranty on remanufactured industrial transmissions, as well as remanufactured industrial torque converters.

When it comes to transmissions, many people will spend days, if not weeks, trying to locate an in-stock transmission. Many will even pay a premium price to get a transmission that is on the shelf. The perception is that an in-stock transmission is always a better value than investing a few days to send a transmission in for R&R. We would like to have every transmission sitting on the shelf. However, the reality is that it’s getting harder and harder to find all of the cores necessary to supply every type, style and brand of transmission that industry needs. If you have spent 3-4 days trying to locate an in-stock transmission with no success, then you understand the frustration of spending your time for nothing. An effective alternative to this growing frustration is our transmission remanufacture and return service.

The following procedures make up a quality Joseph Industries Remanufacture & Return:

  • When a customer calls in for transmission pricing and availability on a unit that is not in stock, a Joseph sales representative will provide a transmission R&R quote that will include pre-inspection pricing, projected lead time and freight costs to ship the transmission in and to ship the transmission back out.
  • For tracking and quality assurance, a return authorization number is issued to the customer for tagging their transmission core. An RA number is established prior to receiving any transmission core into the remanufacturing process. This number allows the physical tracking and step by step procedure verification of the remanufacturing process from start to finish.
  • The remanufacturing process starts with “demanufacturing” every transmission core down to separate, completely disassembled components. All “wear items” such as bearings, seals, sealing rings, clutch frictions, clutch separator plates, springs and thrust washers are automatically discarded at this time because they are always replaced. The remaining re-usable components are then cleaned in an industrial pressure washing machine. This heavy duty cleaning process assures that all dirt, grease, grime and residue from any previous failure will be completely removed from all components. Thoroughly cleaned components provide better visibility of any damage or excessive wear during final component inspection and makes for a contaminant-free final assembly. Our inspection process addresses potential problem areas that others may overlook, such as the main case, control valve, pump, clutch packs, gears and shafts, as well as the ring and pinion. Pumps are remanufactured to OEM specifications or replaced with new if necessary. All replacement components meet or exceed original OEM specifications. If a transmission component not normally replaced is found to be “marginal”, it will not be reused.
  • Once all components are inspected, an internal report is forwarded to a Joseph sales representative so that the customer can be contacted with the overall inspection findings. If there are no additional hard parts or repairs found to be necessary after inspection (for example: damaged main case, clutch drums, shafts, gears, control valves, etc.) then the original quote remains unchanged. If any additional hard parts or repairs are needed, they will be quoted at this time. If a component repair is an alternative to component replacement, our full CNC machine shop capabilities may allow us to provide repair options at a fraction of the cost of a new component. Please note that the customer always has the option of providing these parts if desired. At this point, prior to committing to the R&R, complete costs have been presented to the customer. The R&R process stops here until customer approval to proceed is given.
  • If a customer desires to proceed at this time, the R&R process will continue. If a customer decides not to continue the R&R process at this point, their transmission will be shipped back to them. Because our inspection process involves “demanufacturing” the core down to individual components, the transmission will be shipped back unassembled if remanufacturing will not proceed. Please note that the only obligation the customer has at this point is the freight charges for their core being shipped in and shipped out.
  • Once customer approval is received, transmission re-assembly is completed. Each remanufactured transmission is fully hot run tested up to normal OEM specified operating temperatures and speeds to verify that the unit performs at proper operating pressure specifications and that each unit is free of leaks and unusual noises. Decibel readings are taken to insure low operating noise levels are maintained.
  • A test pressure verification card is shipped with every transmission. This card verifies main line pressure, converter in pressure, clutch front and rear pressure, clutch high range and low range pressure, 1st speed, 2nd speed, 3rd speed pressures as well as 4th, 5th and 6th if applicable. It will also note the inspection and proper operation of any special engagement or disengagement mechanisms that may be used to activate 4WD, etc.

Joseph Industries knows you have a choice of how and where you do your business. We want to be your supplier of choice. Contact us today.

So instead of wasting time contacting countless sources and relying on a “supplier of chance” the next time you need a remanufactured transmission, contact Joseph Industries. We want to be your “supplier of choice” and we’ll prove it by presenting you with our best options on availability, pricing and freight!

Joseph Industries has over 60 years of engine, transmission and torque converter remanufacturing excellence for:
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment


Our offerings include the following applications:

  • Backhoes

  • Bulldozers

  • Cranes

  • Forklifts

  • Graders

  • Light Towers

  • Loaders

  • Mining Personnel Carriers

  • Mobile Drills

  • Off Road Haulers

  • Telehandlers

  • Tractors

  • Rough Terrain Forklifts

  • Skidders

  • Skidsteers

  • And more!

Joseph Tech Tip:

After installing a remanufactured transmission, you should always attach a pressure gauge to the directional ports to verify that when the inching peddle is depressed, the clutch pressures drop to zero and when it is released the clutch pressures return to normal.



Product Spotlight!

Joseph Industries now has pins and bushings for John Deere C & D Model Backhoes!

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We have provided product for the following brands:

Kalmar Allis Chalmers / Tusk
Allis Chalmers Industrial Engines
Baldwin Lima
Borg-Warner Industrial Transmissions
Borg-Warner Marine Transmissions
Buffalo Springfield
Carraro Industrial Transmissions & Axles
Case Industrial Engines
Case IH
Caterpillar Industrial Engines
Chrysler Industrial Engines
Clark Hurth Industrial Transmissions
Continental Industrial Engines
Coventry Climax
Cummins Industrial Engines
Daewoo / Doosan
Dana Spicer Industrial Transmissions
David Brown Industrial Engines
Detroit Diesel Industrial Engines
Deutz Industrial Engines
Eagle Pitcher
Eimco Mine Equipment
Fiat Allis
Fiat Industrial Engines
Ford Industrial Engines
Funk Industrial Transmissions
GM Industrial Engines

Grove Crane
Hatz Industrial Engines
Hercules Industrial Engines
Hoist Liftruck
Home O Nize
Hughes Keenan
Hyster Construction
Ingersoll Rand
International Harvester
International Industrial Engines
Isuzu Industrial Engines
ITL Industrial Transmissions
John Deere
John Deere Industrial Engines
Joy Mine Equipment
Kalmar-Allis Chalmers
King Lift
Komatsu Industrial Engines
Kubota Industrial Engines
Lancer Boss
Lansing Bagnall
Life Products
Link Belt
Lion Liftall
Long Airdox
Massey Ferguson
Mazda Industrial Engines
Minneapolis Moline
Minneapolis Moline Industrial Engines
Mitsubishi Caterpillar
Mitsubishi Industrial Engines
Mobile Drill
Nissan Industrial Engines
Oliver Farm Equipment
Oliver Industrial Engines
P&H Crane
Perkins Industrial Engines
Peugeot Industrial Engines
Royal Tractor
Shuttle Lift
Silent Hoist
Tampo Roller
Toyota Industrial Engines
Twin Disc
United Tractor
Waukesha Industrial Engines
White Farm Equipment
White Engines

The Name You Can Trust

For over 60 years, Joseph Industries has been a leading worldwide supplier of driveline products for material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.

We stock many popular brands of complete remanufactured engines, transmissions, torque converters, and a wide variety of replacement parts for brakes, suspension, steering and other applications.

We are a trusted supplier to Case New Holland, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, Clark Material Handling, Hyster, Yale, Nissan Forklift and TCM (just to name a few) and have engineered and incorporated many transmission factory updates and changeovers over the years that were deemed necessary by these same original equipment manufacturers.

We offer you the same industrial transmission overhaul kits and torque converters that we use in our own remanufacturing process and we have the widest selection of overhaul kits in our industry.

All manufacturer’s names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the manufacturer.  All pricing subject to change without notice, core charge may apply. Copyright, 2008, Joseph Industries, Inc.